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my favorite thing about england is that the word pulp doesnt exist 


Best of Selina Meyer » Veep Season 3 

"[Selina’s] got so much misplaced pride about her own, shall we say, abilities and her own place in history that it’s just a great set-up….She has to declare her views and yet she’s fighting to declare her views because she doesn’t want to alienate a single voter — she wants all voters, so that means straddling all positions.” — Julia Louis-Dreyfus

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When I go out and know I look good



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this is my favorite line in the history of ahs

Amy Poehler: “I remember Tina wrote a play about Catherine the Great fucking a horse and I thought, ‘That lady is hot stuff, I wanna know her.’” 
Tina Fey: “Yes, yes. I used to take playwriting classes, and I wrote a one-act play — I can’t remember the name of it, but it was really about the way women are perceived as leaders. In the play, Catherine the Great would say things like, ‘You know, John F. Kennedy had extramarital affairs and no one says anything. But I bang one horse and now I’m a horse banger for all eternity? That’s it? That’s what I am?’ I think Hillary Clinton’s got to be able to relate to that.”

Backstage Polaroids from the 71st Annual Golden Globes

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